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Joe Guy
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Joe Guy
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​Never Stop Learning

I’m Joe – after leaving university, I fell into my first recruitment role by chance but I’m so glad I did. At ManpowerGroup, we strive for growth, not just for company growth but our own personal growth as well. I do this by learning from others – if you absorb and learn as much as you can, this can only make you a better person.

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‘I dropped out of university after two years to pursue a career and couldn’t be happier.’

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Joe Guy
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At Manpower, you’ll support clients by providing a responsive and professional service that helps them access in-demand talent when they need it. Manpower is looking for bright, results-focused individuals at every level – junior, experienced and expert recruiters or career changers. If you have entrepreneurial spirit and experience in a customer-facing role, you can almost certainly find your dream recruitment post with Manpower. We’re all about fast-paced, friendly regional offices with high street footfall. Whatever your current position, we would like to hear from you.